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Gratis €9,99 Naar deal

Gratis PC Game Hell Division t.w.v. €9,99 bij Positieve reviews online. Bekijk hier de beschikbaarheid van deze deal.

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Hell Division is a third-person shooter where you pilot lethal drones.
Become a pilot of an armed military drone and plunge into adrenaline-fueled action set in a cyberpunk city divided between two ruthless corporations. The confrontation is inevitable, the question is – will you prevail?


It all started when one of the powerful corporations manufacturing drones took over almost all of cyberspace. The goal of its leaders is to set their own rules and rule supreme.


However, as usual – the competition does not sleep. Another corporation has released its own line of drones, superior in all technical aspects, yet less numerous


Take control of one of such warring drones, holding off several dozen machines of your enemy. Achieving victory won’t be easy so you will need to put both your reflexes and cunning to the test..


  • 6 game locations that are set in a cyberpunk-styled metropolis
  • A story of a conflict between 2 power-hungry corporations
  • Dynamic air battles that will take your breath away
  • Sophisticated enemy AI that will make you sweat
  • Challenging missions of various types and goals
  • Different enemies that will put your skills to the test
  • An amazing soundtrack playing in the background