MezmoTop Spinner Gadget – Kantoorspeelgoed

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MezmoTop Spinner Gadget – Kantoorspeelgoed
MezmoTop Spinner Gadget – Kantoorspeelgoed

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MezmoTop Spinner Gadget – Kantoorspeelgoed

a Spinning top like no other, designed after a beautiful motion found in nature– the moment of a falling raindrop hitting the surface of water and creating ripples all around.

Combined with the precision machined desktop stand mezmoTop™ makes a timeless desk sculpture- kinetic art piece to compliment any tabletop or shelf.


Due to it’s unique shape and low gravity center mezmoTop™ presents truly amusing and surprisingly stable spinning characteristics. It will spin in multiple ways depending on how you interact with it.

Explore endless ways of motion– spin it smoothly or from an angle, launch them together, throw from a distance or upside down.


Crafted out of a solid block of Stainless Steel or Titanium and carefully shaped to replicate the surface of a rippling water. An object that is bending the borders between engineering and art.

Polished VS Bead blasted


Precisely fitted base combines with the spinning top body creating a one of a kind desk sculpture. Flip it over and it becomes a concave spinning base which allows to achieve rotation times up to 5-6 minutes.

The connection tolerance between mezmoTop™ and the base is so precise that it creates a slight air resistance when the top is placed into the stand. In the close up it looks very satisfying- like the top would slide in a slow motion for a second.

A mesmerizing desk sculpture


We specialize in creating unique and extraordinary kinetic desk toys that bring a bit of magic in our daily routine and mezmoTop™ is no exception.

The solid body and smooth finish make it very pleasant to interact with and it spins with ease on any desk or flat surface. A simple way to get out of your daily routine and relax between busy working hours.

Rotating still it creates an almost magical impression of a moment when the time stops.


Want to surprise someone? mezmoTop™ makes a truly great and original present that creates a bit of magic every time you interact with it. Each unit is designed with attention to the smallest detail and built to last a lifetime.

A conversation starter- an eye-catching centerpiece that won’t stay unnoticed on any desk or shelf.

But don’t take just our word for it.  See what our previous backers are saying about our products:


With our CNC machines, we are able to achieve such level of precision that is rarely found in regular everyday objects. You’ll instantly notice minutely milled lines and smooth surface texture upon touching mezmoTop™ for the first time!

A tungsten carbide ball is pressed in as a contact point for each spinning top. It guarantees the perfectly smooth rotation and durability. Every unit is manufactured in our local workshop and goes through high standard quality check. The final result is a machined masterpiece that you would enjoy to use every day.

mezmoTop™ is available in two metals and two surface finishes. We offer Stainless steel or Titanium versions, both metals are available with polished or bead blasted (matte) surface finish.

The finish of the bead blasted Titanium version has a slightly darker tone than the Stainless steel and it is lighter as well. The looks of it reminds me of the surface of the Moon🙂

Get both surface versions and switch between bases to create mixed design combinations.

Each spinning top originally comes with a plastic stand to keep it still on your desktop while not spinning.The metal bottom which also serves as a spinning base is available in specific reward levels you can check out below.


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