SPINTIRES The Original Game CD Key – PC (Digital Download)

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  • Oovee® Game Studios
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SPINTIRES The Original Game CD Key – PC (Digital Download)
SPINTIRES The Original Game CD Key – PC (Digital Download)


SPINTIRES The Original Game CD Key – PC (Digital Download)

The award-winning, million-seller indie hit, Spintires®: The Original Game.

The ultimate off-road challenge, climb aboard incredibly detailed soviet inspired vehicles and venture across the rough and tough terrain motherland Russia has to offer.

Featuring a highly unique physics-based deformable terrain and water interaction technology. Spintires boasts a quirky new experience every time you play.

Winch yourself, or friends out of a mudslinging exercise and explore the depths of Russia, finding garages and fuel stations to keep your vehicle alive – carry logs and bring them to the objectives without becoming lost or stuck in the mud. Unlock and use more capable vehicles, or install one of the vast amounts of attachments available to help you along the way.

Offering a truly immersive driving experience, watch in amazement as your vehicle becomes entangled in trees, bogged down in mud or swept away by river currents.

A physics sandbox that is vastly moddable with a huge modding community expanding the horizons every day – try some of the mods available on the Steam workshop or have a go at creating your own with the included Spintires Editor.


  • Deformable terrain with detailed mud particle effects.
  • Interactive water with physics-based water animations.
  • 10 highly detailed soviet inspired vehicles and trucks with various attachments.
  • 7 maps based on the beautiful harsh lands of Russia with physics-based trees, bushes and rocks.
  • A dynamic weather system, featuring rain and wind.
  • Physics vehicle simulation with deformable tires, wobbling body parts and detailed exhaust smoke.
  • Highly detailed audio system, with true to life vehicle sounds.
  • Day and night cycle.
  • Ability to use winches and cranes.
  • Manual and automatic gears control.
  • Gamepad and steering wheel support.
  • 4 player multiplayer (peer to peer).
  • Moddable with Steam Workshop, create your own vehicles or maps.
  • Sandbox
  • Spintires editor.

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