Woojer Edge Strap – Haptic Force Feedback Audio

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  • Woojer Strap
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Woojer Edge Strap – Haptic Force Feedback Audio
Woojer Edge Strap – Haptic Force Feedback Audio

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Woojer Edge Strap – Haptic Force Feedback Audio

De Woojer Edge Strap maakt via Bluetooth verbinding met al je apparaten, waarna de muziek wordt omgezet in trillingen. Daardoor kan je het aansluiten op ieder apparaat.

Forget just hearing sound. We’re enabling you to feel sound. Woojer is a progressive sensation that boasts an amplified level of immersion. Imagine standing right next to a huge bass cabinet. You know that oomph you feel in your body? That energy pulsing into your bones? That’s what Woojer feels like.  It gives you everything that your headphones simply can’t.

Sound is air movement that typically spreads as an audible wave of pressure. Headphones gather that audible part, but you’re missing out on the movement. That’s where Woojer steps in. We enable you to enjoy both aspects of sound.

Simply put on the strap or vest, connect the audio and start feeling the sound.

After all the feedback we received from 70K+ users, we decided to create a new series that everyone can dig. We’re bringing you the Woojer Edge series that’s flexible enough to cater to the music professional, casual gameplayer, film enthusiast, dedicated gamer, music lover and to anyone who’s simply curious enough to know what it means to feel sound.

We’ve rigged this series with CSR APTX low-latency Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and Texas Instruments built in analog headphone amplifier. We played around a bit with the arrangement of the transducers, improved the Osci, and kept the incredible sensation to ensure that the Woojer Edge Series is for everybody.


A powerful, high-fidelity haptic experience in transportable form. The Strap Edge is built to go with you, so you can have the Woojer Experience no matter where you are. Wear it around your hips, on your chest or cross-body, and then fold it up and place it in your backpack when you’re done. Amp up your workouts, vibe up your walk to work, and stimulate your gameplay. Don’t just move through the day, immerse yourself in the day.

  • 1x patented, powerful, polyphonic & silent Osci TRX52 haptic transducer
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (3350mAh, 4.2V)

Submerge yourself in a powerful, high-fidelity haptic experience. The Vest Edge gives you 360 degrees of immersion, delivering accurate and detailed sensations that’ll raise your pulse. It’s got out-of-the-box stereo haptics, and is the perfect companion for at-home gaming and VR. If you’re a music pro- this’ll pump the low-frequencies through your body as it engages you in a unique and mesmerizing audio experience.

  • 6x patented, powerful, polyphonic & silent Osci TRX52 haptic transducer
  • Stereo haptic transducers array (2x sides, 2x back, 2x front)
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (3350mAh, 14.5V)


*Osci™ Types

  •  TR32 – Woojer’s 32mm transducer
  •  TR52 – Woojer’s 52mm transducer  – 3X more powerful than the TR32
  •  TRX52 – R52 with improved mechanicals & energy efficiency



Download Woojer’s Haptic metronome app to work on your rhythm and tempo. Connect your strap or vest via bluetooth, play the metronome, and feel the device pulse on beat. It’s perfect for tempo training and practicing rhythm.



  • Transducer frequency response: 1-200Hz


  • Texas Instruments built-in analog headphones amplifier
  • 105mW output into 16ohm headphones
  • 3.5mm stereo headphones out
  • Support TRRS (mic) headphones connector
  • 0.1% THD+N headphone output


  • CSR APTX Low-latency Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • 3.5mm stereo line-in, supporting TRRS input (mic)
  • USB-C audio-in
  • BLE for future firmware updates


  • Charging time: approximately 3 hours
  • USB-C charging port
  • Up to 8 hours playtime, depending on usage and volume/sensation level.
  • Auto power off


  • Built-in independent headphones & sensation volume control
  • 2x LED indicators

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